Be a Better Musician

Multirhythms for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch is the first rhythm trainer designed to help you master tricky rhythms and limb independence. Whether practicing with your instrument or on the go, Multirhythms is here to help you become the best musician you can be.

Hear New Rhythms

Wondering if you're playing a certain rhythm correctly? Just sequence it into Multirhythms for a quick and convenient audio reference. Its support for up to sixteen simultaneous rhythms with subdivisions from 1/32 to 32/1 makes complicated rhythms look easy. You can also choose the sound that best fits your practice routine from the dozens of high quality percussion samples included.

Improve Limb Independence

Learning different parts in your left and right hand has never been easier. Practice tapping your rhythms in the Multirhythms trainer and instantly get feedback on your accuracy. Before you know it you'll be playing your rhythms without looking at the screen — or holding a screen at all.

Keep Time, Every Time

You're always learning new songs — why shouldn't your metronome? While Multirhythms already includes metronomes for simple time, polyrhythms, Afro-Cuban claves, Hindustani talas, and Carnatic talas, creating just the one you need for your music is a snap. And with 22.7 microsecond accuracy, you can always count on Multirhythms for good times.

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